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cereneo Hertenstein | Leading Neurorehabilitation Center, Lake Lucerne
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Located directly at the shore of Lake Lucerne opposite the city of Lucerne, cereneo Hertenstein provides an outstanding neurological rehabilitation programme in a peaceful and calm surrounding. High-tech medical technology and 24/7 care support patients in their recovery, however long it may take. Family members are welcome to stay onsite at the adjacent hotel to offer patients crucial emotional support.


The clinic is located by the shore of Lake Lucerne in the picturesque village of Hertenstein within the community of Weggis.

Although the area appears remote, the top medical institutions of Zurich lie within easy reach. If required, cereneo provides emergency transfers to the world-renowned University Hospital of Zurich (45 min ambulance / 15 min helicopter).

The clinic holds similar agreements with other facilities close by such as the Schwyz Hospital and Lucerne Hospital. cereneo Hertenstein is a 45-minute drive from Zurich International Airport.


Inpatients stay in modernly designed single rooms featuring all desired amenities. Biggeraccommodations, including spacious apartments, allow family members to provide ongoing support during the rehabilitation process.

The cereneo team can organise activities to improve emotional well-being and enhance physical recovery, each customised to the patient’s specific neurological condition. Examples include nature walks, kayaking, archery, golf, horse back riding, gym sessions, sailing excursions, and sauna.

The newly constructed clinic boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities plus an in-house team of highly skilled specialists to provide round-the-clock care. A nutritionist prepares bespoke meal plans that incorporate healthy and delicious cuisine.

Areas of specialization:

The holistic treatment concept at cereneo offers state-of-the-art, innovative treatment methods that are individually adapted to patients and regularly checked for their effectiveness. The interprofessional team of experts create a tailor-made therapy plan for each patient to achieve the best possible progress. The team consisting of neurologists, therapists and nurses, use the latest technologies and sensors to measure progress and make data-driven therapy adjustments as needed. At cereneo patients are accompanied along their entire recovery process from inpatient rehabilitation, transition to home, therapy at home with a cereneo therapist to telerehabilitation via digital channels.

The clinic provides research-driven rehabilitation services to improve recovery and health for numerous neurological conditions. The three most prominent programmes address Parkinson’s Disease, Acquired Brain Injuries, and Stroke.


A stroke is a potentially fatal condition when a ruptured vessel (hemorrhagic) or blood clot (ischemic) inhibits blood flow to a specific section of the brain. A severe stroke will commonly leave survivors with long-term impairments, both cognitive and physical.

Intensive and rapid rehabilitation will help restore post-stroke independence and aid the recovery process—that’s the core focus of the cereneo Hertenstein approach.

A multidisciplinary team of elite cognitive therapists and neurologists will immediately analyse the patient and determine the optimal treatment. Backed by cutting-edge research, customised programmes aim to improve functions like speech, swallowing, cognitive action, and movement. The overarching objective is to avoid future complications and restore independence.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a prevalent neurodegenerative disorder that results in severe cognitive dysfunction and can profoundly affect a patient’s quality of life. The ideal rehabilitation incorporates pharmacological treatments and movement therapy to diminish physical impairment.

The team at cereneo Hertenstein collaborates with specialists at the University Hospital of Zürich (USZ) to offer a customised programme. Rehabilitation services target sensory and neuropsychiatric dysfunctions using pharmacological treatments and deep brain stimulation (DBS).

Incorporating both technological and traditional methods, this multimodal programme helps alleviate cardinal motor symptoms such as resting tremor, bradykinesia, postural instability, and rigidity.

The ultimate objective is to regain independence through re-training day-to-day activities like walking, drinking, eating, cooking, and speech.

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

An ABI commonly occurs after a physical injury to the head and can manifest at any stage of life. This debilitating condition results in reduced mobility and impairments to communication, cognitive function, and emotional well-being.

The cereneo team will undertake a comprehensive analysis to identify the most debilitating symptoms before creating an effective treatment plan.

Interdisciplinary specialists then draw upon translational neuroscience research to improve neuroplasticity and expedite recovery.

Other Conditions:

The clinic treats numerous other neurological diseases, including spinal chord trauma, brain tumors, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, , Cerebral Palsy, movement, speech and neurocognitive impairments and more.

Neurorehabilitation Programme at cereneo Hertenstein on Lake Lucerne

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