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Leading Psychosomatics clinic in with the best treatments
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Discover more about the facilities at Privatklinik Aadorf and its Psychosomatics specialists.

As a physician-led clinic for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine, Privatklinik Aardorf puts an emphasis on focused expertise, experienced specialists and employees, individual therapy concepts and a personalised setting. The clinic’s services are complemented by an outpatient clinic in the city of Zurich.

To ensure the greatest possible quality of care, Privatklinik Aadorf specialises in three core areas.

  • Burnout, depression and anxiety disorders
  • Psychotherapy for people aged 50+
  • Treating women with eating disorders

This concentrated focus ensures the highest possible degree of specific expertise and, in conjunction with individual therapy concepts and a family atmosphere, forms the basis for the high quality of services on offer.

Treatment is multidisciplinary and follows an integrative approach that draws from a comprehensive range of methods.

The clinic’s medical professionals and employees offer patients not only their experience and skills but also a remarkable degree of humanity and empathy.

Discreetly nestled in a residential area and in close proximity idyllic natural surroundings, Privatklinik Aadorf provides an ideal setting for people with mental health problems to find a sustainable path out of the crisis.

Exclusive comfort, leisure and health facilities, along with other amenities, promote individual well-being and provide a useful complement to a patient’s therapeutic treatment.

As an additional benefit, the clinic offers ViaNova, specifically oriented to semi-private and privately insured and self-funded patients from home and abroad.

Privatklinik Aadorf in specialising in Psychosomatics

Telephone number: +41 (0)52 368 88 07
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