The Kusnacht Practice in Kusnacht specialising in Psychiatry

Leading Psychiatry clinic in Kusnacht with the best treatments

Discover more about the facilities at The Kusnacht Practice and its Psychiatry specialists.


Ideally located in the peaceful Swiss town of Kusnacht, on Zurich’s privileged Gold Coast, The Kusnacht Practice is without a doubt the most exclusive private treatment centre in the world thanks to its specialisations and experienced clinical team.

Its treatment programs, including Biomolecular Restoration, are custom-made and delivered by world-renowned medical practitioners, psychotherapists, counsellors and nutritionists specialised in treating addictions, psychological disorders and psychiatry.

Clients are treated one at a time to ensure both the highest degree of privacy and the greatest chance to enjoining a long-term recovery once therapy is over. For maximum comfort and discretion, clients are treated in the 6-star villa or apartment of their choice where they are constantly supervised by a personal counsellor and enjoy the services of a professional chef, a butler and a trainer.

This personalised attention also allows for more therapy hours; which decreases the likelihood of relapse.

Furthermore, The Kusnacht Practice is not just committed to treating the symptoms and the causes of the disorders but also to helping clients lead healthier lifestyles. For this reason, alongside their clinical treatment, clients can enjoy complementary cultural and leisure activities as well as alternative rituals such as yoga, acupuncture and reflexology to name but a few.




  • Burnout

    Burnout prevention / Burnout treatment

  • Mood disorders

    bipolar disorder / dysthymia / Depression

  • Eating disorders

    Binge eating / bulimia / Anorexia

  • Personality disorder

    borderline personality disorder

  • Obesity

    • Overweight

      surveyed diet programs / weight loss exercise program

    • Neurology

      • Headache

        migraine / tension headache

      • Addiction

        • Addiction to substances

          Stop Smoking Program / Polytoxicomania / Alcohol addiction / Drug addiction

        • Behavioural addiction

          Compulsive sexual behaviour / Gambling / Pornography addiction / Codependency

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