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Get to know more about LCIP and their specialisation in Psychiatry and their leading doctors with academic information and personal CVs.
Lausanne Centre for Interventional Psychiatry (LCIP) is a high quality private clinic in the peaceful area of Avenue de l’Avant-Poste, just a few minutes away from Parc de Mon Repos and the opera of Lausanne.

The centre’s medical approach is based, at its core, on the latest scientific advances and uses innovative therapies including ketamine infusions, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and other types of neuromodulation. Treatments help patients face psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety and bipolarity, and several types of addictions, including cocaine. These treatments have also shown a significant effect in chronic neuropathic pain and other conditions such as stroke rehabilitation as well as ageing issues.

LCIP’s approach allows patients to benefit from personalised, tailored, treatments that are proven to be effective. It also offers them a wide choice of pharmacological or non-pharmacological options. When receiving their treatment, patients don’t need to stay at LCIP which allows them to enjoy a high degree of normalcy and a speedy recovery.

The clinic also conducts consultations and check-ups for patients of all ages, and possesses a strong expertise in medical issues linked to ageing.

Lausanne Centre For Interventional Psychiatry - Specialized in Psychiatry

Telephone number: +41 21 320 10 05
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The clinic also offers


  • Burnout

    Burnout treatment / Burnout prevention

  • Mood disorders

    Depression / dysthymia / bipolar disorder

  • Neurology

    • Nervous system disease

      alzheimer's disease

    • Addiction

      • Addiction to substances

        Drug addiction

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