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Clinique Nescens | Top Clinic near Geneva for Preventive Medicine
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A specialist in prevention and health, well-being and performance optimization, Clinique Nescens achieves stellar results through its innovative and integrative approach. The clinic runs a tailor-made Cure Stay program, with components ranging from detox to weight loss and performance optimization. Other services include aesthetic & regenerative medicine treatments and health check-ups.

Dr Sophie Menkes

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Clinique Nescens sits amid the lovely Swiss municipality of Genolier, with striking views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.

Switzerland’s world-class railway network makes arriving at the clinic a breeze. Alternatively, The Geneva International Airport is only 30 minutes away by car.


The scientific findings of Professor Jacques Proust lay the foundations for the creation of Nescens. An expert in the biology of aging, Professor Proust made a name for himself as a specialist in anti-aging medicine. Nowadays, the Nescens brand offers products ranging from anti-aging cosmeceuticals to Clinique Nescens and the Nescens Spas.

Clinique Nescens boasts a multidisciplinary team with elite specialists in lifestyle Medicine, Preventive & Diagnostic Medicine, and Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine.

The unique 7-day program, La Cure Reset, based on the latest scientific advances in health optimization, offers the most exclusive and comprehensive longevity and lifestyle reset program in the field. From medical expertise to fitness and dietary monitoring and high-tech customized treatments, every step is tailor-made for specific client needs.

If you cannot take a week off, La Cure Reset – Discovery Day will enable you to recharge your batteries over a single day, while enjoying a preview of the complete program. With five-star services and a restful, well-being orientated environment, Clinique Nescens puts the pleasure back into caring for your health and well-being.

Areas of Specialization:

1. La Cure Reset

a. La Cure Reset is a one-of-a-kind, fully customized seven-day program incorporating medical expertise, dietary advice, fitness monitoring, and high-tech therapies. The program includes detox, weight loss, body & mind rejuvenation, and enhancing your quality of life —all the necessary lifestyle adjustments for a long-lasting change.

b. La Cure Reset – Discovery Day will enable you to recharge your batteries over a single day, while enjoying a preview of the complete program.

2. Preventive & Diagnostic Medicine

The Center for Preventive & Diagnostic Medicine specializes in providing comprehensive medical assessments. Designed by Professor Proust to identify key latent diseases, these check-ups let you treat potential issues early and age in good health.

3. Aesthetical & Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Sophie Menkes leads a team of elite specialists to offer fully bespoke treatments based on cutting-edge innovations in the Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine fields. Dr. Sophie Menkes is an expert in nanofat, microfat grafting and PRP treatment. These methods come from the innovative field of regenerative medicine.

Clinique Nescens | Top clinic for prevention and optimization of health, performance and well-being

Telephone number: +41 22 316 82 00
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The clinic also offers

Aesthetic surgery

  • Facial treatments

    wrinkles removal / wrinkles treatment with botox or laser / lipofilling / scar removal / acne treatment

  • Hair loss treatment

    hair transplantation / bio hair implants

  • Body treatments

    cellulite treatment / stretch mark removal / excessive sweating / hyperhidrosis / genital surgery women / men

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