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Leading Pain therapy clinic in Lausanne with the best treatments
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Discover more about the facilities at Clinique Cecil and its Pain therapy specialists.


Clinique Cecil is located in the city of Lausanne, the capital of the Canton of Vaud, on the shores of Lake Geneva.


The Hirslanden Clinique Cecil is a Swiss hospital was established in 1931 and has been part of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group since 1990. It is headed by the CEO, Jean-Claude Chatelain.

This clinic generated revenue of 96 million CHF in 2015/2016. The number of employees on its payroll as at 2015/2016 was 474. In the first place, Clinique Cecil was a hotel that was built between 1905 and 1907 by architect Charles Melley. However, in 1931, the hotel was renovated as a clinic by Georges Espitaux and the clinic was purchased by the American Medical International group.

In 1990, the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group purchased the Clinique Cecil, and has been in possession ever since then. Every patient is at liberty to pick the doctor of their choice. The best part is that your assigned doctor and an anesthetist can be reached at any time. In addition, the teams in the recovery room, intensive care and anesthetics are also available on a 24-hour basis.

Areas of Specialization:

Our unique system of attached doctors produces a first class medical standard. In collaboration with these doctors, Clinique Cecil encompasses all medical specialty fields.

The areas of specialization of this clinic are allergology and immunology, anesthesiology, angiology, cardiac and thoracic vascular, surgery, cardiology, endocrinology / diabetology, gastroenterology, general internal medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, hand surgery, infectology, intensive care, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, otorhinolaryngology, plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, pneumology, radiology, rheumatology, spine surgery, surgery, thoracic surgery, and urology.

Facts and Figures:

The number of accredited Doctors at the Clinique Cecil is placed at 203. As at 2016, Clinique Cecil had 474 employees, 391 physicians, 86 beds, 6 operating rooms (which includes 1 hybrid and 2 birthing rooms).

Clinique Cecil in Lausanne specialising in Pain therapy

Telephone number: +41 848 333 999
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The clinic also offers

Aesthetic surgery

  • Facial treatments

    eyelid lift / nasal reshaping

  • Dentistry

    • Dental surgery

      wisdom tooth extraction

    • Heart diseases

      • Cardiology

        coronary heart disease

      • Heart surgery

        coronary bypass

      • Obstetrics

        • Birth-giving

          cesarean section / gentle delivery

        • Prenatal diagnostics

          prenatal ultrasound / high risk pregnancy

        • Gynaecology

          • Cancer

            cervical cancer / ovarian cancer / endometrial cancer

          • Uterus

            uterine myoma / uterine prolapse / endometriosis / abnormal oestrous cycle

          • Ovaries

            ovarian cysts / polycystic ovary syndrome

          • Rheumatology

            • Back pain

              acute lumbago

            • Inflammatory arthropathy

              psoriac arthritis / rheumatoid arthritis / juvenile idiopathic arthritis

            • Obesity

              • Overweight

                surveyed diet programs

              • Neurology

                • Nervous system disease

                  multiple sclerosis

                • Gastroenterology

                  • Stomach


                  • Neurosurgery

                    • Vascular

                      cerebral aneurysm

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