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Discover more about the facilities at AndreasKlinik and its Obesity specialists.



AndreasKlinik Cham Zug is located right at the center of Cham in a peaceful environment. The clinic exudes a relaxed hotel atmosphere with its well-furnished rooms and unique architecture


AndreasKlinik features extensive medical services and is fully equipped with standard diagnostic equipment. Patients can have access to a range of professional doctors and the medical expertise the clinic offers. The varieties of medical services are designed to help patients recover quickly as well as make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Areas of Specialization:

The clinic has anesthetic and surgical team who are always available to ensure maximum care and cater to any emergency treatment. AndreasKlinik draws on the expertise of many specialists from its affiliated institutes, while the team of highly trained and experienced nursing staff is made up of experts in many fields of specialized medicine such as obstetrics, gastroenterology, gynecology, ORL, and anesthesiology.

Other fields of specialization the clinic offers include angiology, cardiology, general internal medicine, hematology, hand surgery, interventional pain management (SSIPM), medical oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, etc.

Facts and Figures:

There are 90 accredited Doctors at the AndreasKlinik. With 56 comfortable beds and about 208 friendly employees, AndreasKlinik provides patients and guests with bespoke care. Apart from its modern infrastructure including 56 comfortable beds for patients, the clinic has over 90 affiliated doctors and internal physicians representing many specialist fields of medicine.




  • Birth-giving

    cesarean section / gentle delivery

  • Prenatal diagnostics

    prenatal ultrasound / high risk pregnancy

  • Gynaecology

    • Cancer

      cervical cancer / ovarian cancer / endometrial cancer

    • Uterus

      uterine myoma / uterine prolapse / endometriosis / abnormal oestrous cycle

    • Ovaries

      ovarian cysts / polycystic ovary syndrome

    • Gastroenterology

      • Stomach

        gastritis / helicobacter pylori infection / gastric ulcera / gastroscopy

      • Gallbladder

        gallbladder stones / gallbladder infection / gallbladder removal

      • Liver

        chronic liver infection / liver cirrhosis / liver haemangioma

      • Pancreas

        pancreatic cysts / pancreatitis

      • Bowel

        inflammatory bowel disease / chronic diarrhoea / colonoscopy

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