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A Leading Neurorehabilitation Center on Lake Lucerne - cereneo
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With a wide range of expertise and extensive research-based practices, cereneo provides personalised therapy programmes to support recovery from neurological incidents and disorders. The neurorehabilitation and research centre boasts a highly qualified team and cutting-edge equipment to provide its patients with the best possible care to return to a normal and independent life. Furthermore, the clinic offers a number of additional services to safeguard the comfort and wellbeing of patients and their companions.

Location :

cereneo is located close to the city of Lucerne on the shores of the lake with the same name.

The clinic endeavours to make life as easy as possible for its patients and their companions by offering personalised transportation services. cereneo drives patients between various nearby destinations such as the city of Zurich, Lucerne, and the famous Rigi Mountain Railway. Local accommodation can be easily arranged through a partnership with the Park Hotel Vitznau.

The clinic is 45 minute drive from Zurich airport, making it easily accessible to patients from around the world.


Medical staff at cereneo cater to individuals who have sustained injuries and/or damage to the nervous system, particularly the brain and spinal cord.

cereneo’s holistic approach to therapy covers multiple specialisations: physiotherapy and occupational therapy to improve upper and lower body functions, speech and swallowing therapy as well as neuropsychology to increase cognitive abilities allowing patients to restore lost functions and live independently once again.

Prof. Andreas Luft leads the cereneo team, who is a well-known neurologist, clinical scientist, and professor of Vascular Neurology and Rehabilitation at the University Hospital of Zurich. Andreas developed the unique treatment methodology practised at cereneo, which emphasises collaboration with researchers from diverse fields and prestigious institutions such as ETH Zurich, the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Twente.

Areas of Specialization:

A holistic approach to treatment based on cutting edge research in collaboration with its partners underpins the medical practice at cereneo. This informed approach ensures all patients will benefit from the latest breakthroughs in rehabilitation medicine.

Staff members are committed to providing the best possible treatment, with each therapy plan tailored to the individual patient's needs and objectives. The current condition of the patient dictates the intensity of care, while their medical history determines the best form of treatment.

The cereneo team includes specialists in speech and swallowing therapy, physical and occupational therapy, and neuropsychology, among other fields. These varying specialisations ensure a multidisciplinary approach to medicine.

As an established leader in the field of neurorehabilitation, cereneo employs the latest rehabilitation technologies in its everyday practices. High-tech facilities include robot-assisted treatments, magnetic resonance imaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation and 3-D movement and strength analysis, as well as telemetric electromyography and stimulation.

cereneo also offers a wide array of diagnostic services, including:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Neuro-ultrasound diagnostics
  • Electroencephalography
  • Polysomnography
  • Spiroergometry
  • Tele-rehabilitation (remote treatment) / second opinions

cereneo is not only considered one of the world's leading and most innovative clinics in the field of neurological rehabilitation for its inpatients and outpatients, it also accompanies a patient on the entire recovery journey with additional services such as a safe transfer of a patient to his or her home accompanied by a cereneo therapist, therapy at home worldwide as well as telerehabilitation, in which the therapy takes place via digital channels. For second opinions and advise on rehabilitation online consultations with a neurologist are available.

Tele-rehabilitation is available in several languages and includes the following medical areas:

- Speech therapy (German, English)

- Neuropsychology (German, French, English)

- Exercise therapy (German, English)

- Nutritional therapy (English, Italian)

Other languages on request.

The telerehabilitation is based on an intensive study of the medical reports and medical letters of the patient, a consultation between doctor and patient as well as the internal advice of the team of doctors and therapists with appropriate recommendations on suitable therapy measures.

For the therapies via digital platform, the patient only needs a tablet or a laptop with camera and microphone as well as a stable internet connection.

Facts and Figures:

As a testament to its commitment to tailor-made medical care, cereneo only accommodates up to 16 patients who benefit from an average of three neuro-rehabilitation specialists each. This boutique configuration enables staff to cater to individual needs and offers a genuinely bespoke therapy that pushes the unique requirements of each patient to the forefront.

The clinic helps companions in finding local accommodation through a close partnership with the Park Hotel Vitznau. Staff can also assist by suggesting other accommodation options, as cereneo maintains a database of the best hotels and apartments in the region. Additionally, the clinic provides other useful services such as concierge, translation, visa assistance, and medical transportation by land or by air.

cereneo in Vitznau specialising in Neurology

Telephone number: +41 41 399 67 00
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  • Neurological rehabilitation

    neglect, as well as any neurological malfunction or disease / aphasia / disorders in movement, cognition or speech / spinal chord injury / Parkinson's disease / traumatic brain injury / multiple sclerosis / stroke rehab

  • Neurological treatments

    nutritional analysis / VR/gaming approaches / robotics / personalized gait analysis / rehabilitation and adjustment after Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) / NIBS (non-invasive brain stimulation)

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