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Private Health Center | Individual Medical Check-Ups in Zurich
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The Private Health Center by the lake provides world-class preventive medicine and diagnostics in a discreet environment. The high-tech facility forms part of Switzerland’s biggest healthcare network and offers numerous services, including customized check-ups and detailed diagnostics.


The Private Health Center is found within Klinik im Park, a large lakeside healthcare facility located minutes from Zurich’s CBD. The clinic is a proud member of the most extensive medical network in Switzerland: the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group. Zurich Airport resides a 20-minute drive away.


Drawing upon state-of-the-art medical expertise, the Private Health Center offers diagnostics and preventative medicine to Swiss and foreign patients alike. This globally recognized institute boasts an interdisciplinary team, each working closely together to achieve a truly holistic approach.

The Private Health Center provides customized health checks, telemedicine services, and second opinions.

They arrange appointments and diagnostics in a flexible and fast way at your convenience. Clear communication, a holistic approach and empathy are core priorities, and every examination is tailor-made towards the patient’s personal needs.

Final consultation, including conclusion and recommendations, help the patients to improve and manage their condition by optimising a health-oriented lifestyle.

Each patient is assigned a personal case manager who can organize translator, accommodation and transport to make life easier for foreign guests.

Areas of Specialization:

Preventive Medicine and Diagnostics

The Private Health Center performs comprehensive and customized check-ups to create an overview of the patient’s health. Examinations reveal possible risk factors and provide useful data for formulating an effective treatment regime.

This proactive approach is highly effective at preventing disease—the sooner a condition is identified, the easier it is to treat. Skilled specialists spanning numerous disciplines evaluate risk factors for various conditions, including cardiac arrest, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer.

The Private Health Center provides a wide range of diagnostic and preventive medicine services:

  • Cardiovascular examinations
  • Genetic analysis
  • Comprehensive laboratory diagnostics
  • Preventive cancer screenings
  • Cardiology
  • General internal medicine
  • Dental medicine
  • Mental Health

Patients receive an individual and/or organ-specific consultation. A specialist will assess the patient’s medical history and the examination results to provide a professional prognosis.

If follow-up treatment is required, the specialist will explain the condition in simple language to ensure the patient understands its complexities. Next, a personal case manager will organise additional consultations if required.

Individual Check-Ups

An internal medicine specialist undertakes a detailed interview covering the patient’s current health medical history and personal lifestyle. Possible risk factors, such as stress, smoking, and alcohol, are taken into consideration.

All individual health consultations include a comprehensive interview and physical examination, a blood urine test and an ECG. Further examinations, if required, can be offered and organised within short notice.

Organ-Specific Check-Ups

The clinic also provides organ-specific examinations to identify the onset of illness or disease.

A specialist will first interview the patient to assess their current condition and medical record (including family history). Next, the doctor will perform an organ-specific examination, for example, an ultrasound, laboratory analysis or an individual genetic analysis.

High-tech facilities and cutting edge research allow the specialist to pinpoint potential issues in the early stages of the disease. A prompt diagnosis enables the clinic to formulate an efficient treatment programme, giving the patient a better chance of recovering from the condition.

Organ-specific check-ups include the following specialties:

  • Ophthalmology
  • Ear-Nose-Throat
  • Dental Health
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology/Diabetology
  • Mental Health
  • Neurourology
  • Angiology
  • Neurology
  • General internal medicine
  • Orthopaedics
  • Rheumatology
  • Pharmacology
  • Cardiology
  • Pneumology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynaecology
  • Urology

Facts and Figures:

The Private Health Center has two multilingual in-house specialists.

  • KD Dr. med. Michael Möddel—General Internal Medicine and Nephrology
  • Dr. med. Anja Fäh-Gunz—General Internal Medicine and Cardiology

A vast network of other specialists is available for referral through the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group.

Fast Track Diagnostics and Preventive Medicine in Zurich

Telephone number: +41 44 388 75 75
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