Double Check in Zurich specialising in Medical Check-up

Leading Medical Check-up clinic in Zurich with the best treatments

Discover more about the facilities at Double Check and its Medical Check-up specialists.


Health is everyone’s most important asset, regardless of age, nationality, or status.

Double Check is for patients who want more convenience and efficiency than a hospital, and more peace of mind than a single private doctor or clinic can provide.

Double Check – one of the leading medical check up centres in Switzerland - is affiliated to University Hospital Zurich and was founded by seven of its most renowned professors.

Our people have a clear vision of healthcare focused on: convenience, individually tailored diagnostics, prevention, and recovery, combined with the experience and global network of one of the world’s leading hospitals.




Heart diseases

  • Cardiology

    coronary heart disease / heart rhythm disturbance / heart failure / coronary stenting / pacemaker implantation / ICD implantation

  • Heart surgery

    valvular transplant / coronary bypass

  • Medical check-up

    • Preventive check-up

      cancer screening / cardiac screening / vascular screening / full-body check-up / blood screening / diabetes check-up

    • Sports check-up

      cardiopulmonary exercise testing / lactate threshold test / body fat measurement

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