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Leading Foot surgery clinic in Bern with the best treatments
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Discover more about the facilities at Klinik Permanence and its Foot surgery specialists.


The Klinik Permanence is situated in the western area of Bern. It’s easily accessible and can be reached by public transport. You can take a tram from the main station in the city to the hospital.


Renowned as one of the finest private hospitals in the capital city, the Klinik Permanence offers top-rated health services from medical experts. The clinic is a member of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group and provides a wide range of medical treatment and all-inclusive primary care round the clock. It also offers excellent hotel-style services and relaxing ambiance for the patients and their guests.

Areas of Specialization:

With the help of affiliated doctors and the private clinics in Hirslanden Group network, Klinik Permanence has become one of the best full-service medical clinics in Switzerland. It currently has specialization in a range of medical fields such as orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, Infectology, traumatology of the musculoskeletal system, thoracic surgery and many others.

Facts and Figures:

Although established in 1978 as a sports clinic, Klinik Permanence became a member of Hirslanden Private Hospital Group in 1997. The clinic features 31 modern rooms designed to offer patients a comfortable stay and relaxing environment to recuperate. The clinic has about 78 affiliated doctors and in-house medical physicians as well as over 180 employees.

Klinik Permanence in Bern specialising in Foot surgery

Telephone number: +41 848 333 999
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The clinic also offers


  • Shoulder

    shoulder arthrosis / shoulder dysfunction by shoulder replacement / shoulder arthritis by shoulder prosthesis

  • Knee

    osteoarthritis of the knee / rheumatoid arthritis of the knee / total knee arthroplasty / knee replacement surgery / knee joint endoprosthesis / cruciate ligament reconstruction / meniscus injury

  • Hand

    carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Spine

    spinal disc hernation / spinal fusion

  • Hip

    osteoarthrosis of the hip / hip endoprosthesis / total hip arthroplasty

  • Tumor

    chondrosarcoma / chondroma

  • Urology

    • Bladder

      therapy of bladder dysfunction / incontinence treatment

    • Vascular surgery

      • Venous surgery

        varicosis treatment / spider vein removal

      • Dermatology

        • Skin cancer

          melanoma / basal cell carcinoma / diagnostics of atypical moles / actinic keratosis

        • Auto-immune disease of the skin

          psoriasis / systemic sclerosis / bullous pemphigoid

        • Allergology

          allergy testing / allergen immunotherapy

        • Acne

          acne vulgaris / acne inversa

        • Proctology

          • Coloproctology

            haemorrhoids / anal fissures / anal fistula / anal abscess

          • Ophthalmology

            • Eye diseases

              glaucoma / cataract / hypertensive retinopathy / treatment of myopia / eye laser therapy

            • Prostate Tumors

              • Prostate cancer

                radical prostatectomy

              • Prostate brachytherapy

                HDR prostate therapy / LDR prostate therapy

              • High-intensity ultrasound

                prostate ultrasound therapy

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