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Leading Dentistry clinic in with the best treatments
Discover more about the facilities at Clinic Alta Aesthetica and its Dentistry specialists.
Discover more about the facilities at Clinic Alta Aesthetica and its Dentistry specialists.

Alta Aesthetica is one of the best clinics in Switzerland for cosmetic and medical dentistry and aesthetic surgery.

Located on the banks of the Rhine close to Basel, this unique medical centre for aesthetic and plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry and oral and maxillo-facial surgery was opened in March 2012.

One of the leading private clinics in Switzerland, Alta Aesthetica occupies the historic premises of a former Grand Hotel.

The clinic’s philosophy is synonymous with complete satisfaction, a regained sense of self-esteem and a feeling of being in harmony with your natural beauty.

Patients who would like an aesthetic procedure are in capable hands and can look forward to highly trained physicians, qualified staff and a hospital that is at the cutting edge of medical developments.

Highly competent, experienced specialists offer you the full range of aesthetic plastic surgery, oral and maxillo-facial surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

The treatment rooms and operating rooms at this leading private clinic are equipped with the latest medical equipment.

Exclusive single rooms and suites are available for inpatient care, providing patients with a pleasant atmosphere to recuperate in, with 5-star standards.

Areas of expertise at this top Swiss cosmetic clinic are nose jobs, breast enlargements and facelifts.

Dental procedures on offer include synthetic root implants, and the corrections of congenital or acquired deformities of the mouth, jaw and facial area.

Leading dental specialists will help you achieve the natural, beautiful smile you have always wanted, aided by excellent technical equipment and the most advanced clinical standards.

Clinic Alta Aesthetica in specialising in Dentistry

Telephone: +41 61 835 0 835
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The clinic also offers


Aesthetic surgery

  • Facial treatments

    wrinkles removal / wrinkles treatment with botox or laser / liposculpture / lipofilling / scar removal / acne treatment / eyelid lift / nasal reshaping

  • Breast surgery

    breast augmentation / breast reduction / breast lift

  • Body treatments

    liposuction / tummy tuck / buttock lift / cellulite treatment / thigh lift / stretch mark removal / excessive sweating / hyperhidrosis / genital surgery women / men

  • Dentistry

    • Implantology

      1 stage implants / 2 stage implants / bridge implants / crown implants

    • Dental surgery

      root canal treatment / wisdom tooth extraction

    • Jaw surgery

      jaw malformation / jaw augmentation / cleft lip / palate

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