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The Medical Regeneration Centre Montreux is a private clinic dedicated to medical regeneration and anti-ageing through biomolecular medicine in Montreux, Switzerland.

Situated in the centre of Montreux, a small but famous city on the shores of Lake Geneva, this leading anti-ageing clinic offers its patients the utmost in convenience and accessibility.

The clinic’s chauffeur can pick up clients at Geneva Airport and drive them directly to the clinic in around an hour.

This Swiss clinic combines the highest standards of medicine and professionalism with welcoming surroundings and the utmost in individual care, ensuring patients and relatives feel relaxed and at ease.

The concept of the Medical Regeneration Centre Montreux focuses on the preventive characteristics of five vital and natural elements: water, oxygen, sunlight, a balanced diet, activation of bio-energy and sporting activities.

The aim of this concept is to slow down or even reverse the effects of ageing. Patients are certain to regain a feeling of vitality and energy after a treatment at the Medical Regeneration Centre Montreux.

The effects of the renewed sense of energy will not only help patients feel better but also serves to enhance the immune system, leaving you with long-lasting health benefits.

Medical director Dr Ohlenschläger is a renowned expert in the field of bio-molecular medicine. His approach combines extensive professional experience with the latest techniques and research in this field of medicine.

Dr Ohlenschläger has also conducted several studies to assess the effects of his therapies. A wide range of cosmetic and aesthetic services are available at this unique clinic.

These include stem cell injections, medical check-ups, detox treatments, chronic fatigue treatment, weight loss therapies, micro-nutritionist therapies, anti-stress treatments, vitalisation cures, burnout treatments, homeopathy and natural medicine, biological medicine, LED photo-modulation therapies, body regeneration, skin rejuvenation, as well as aesthetic treatments.

For patients undergoing outpatient treatment programmes, accommodation can be arranged at luxury hotels in Montreux. Several of these are very close to the clinic, for example the Montreux Palace or Hôtel du Lac Vevey, and can be arranged according to your individual requirements.



Aesthetic surgery

  • Facial treatments

    acne treatment / wrinkles treatment with botox or laser / wrinkles removal

  • Body treatments

    cellulite treatment

  • Psychiatry

    • Burnout

      Burnout treatment

    • Obesity

      • Overweight

        surveyed diet programs / weight loss exercise program

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