An Addiction Treatment Facility with a Holistic Approach near Montreux, Switzerland

An Exclusive Medical Facility for the Treatment of Addiction - Clinic Les Alpes

Clinic Les Alpes is a fully licensed medical facility specialized in the treatment of all sorts of addictions, being to substances or behavioural. The philosophy at Clinic Les Alpes is to take a holistic approach to each patient and to provide them with individual treatment programmes offering the best possible chance of recovery.



Clinic Les Alpes is located in the Swiss Alps near Montreux, Switzerland. The facility is surrounded by several mountains, forests, and alpine meadows and has incredible views on Lake Geneva. It’s a secluded and very private place that nevertheless is at a short distance of the main airports.


Clinic Les Alpes is a fully licensed medical facility specialized in the treatment of addiction. Patients go through a full medical health check, a psychiatric assessment and some genetic and nutritional tests in order to design a tailor-made treatment plan that will be put into place in a controlled environment maximizing their chances of breaking free from addiction. Staff members, including doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and hospitality personnel, work 24/7 to ensure cares of the highest quality.

Clinic Les Alpes is the result of one man’s vision to establish an international medical facility driven by excellence and to offer patients a safe, secure and discrete space where they can be treated for their addictions’ problems.

Areas of Specialization:

Clinic Les Alpes specializes in the treatment of both substance and behavioral addictions. This medical facility responds to dependence to alcohol, drugs, opiates, medication, among others. They also treat addictions to behaviors such as gambling, sex, pornography, cyber addiction, kleptomania. Other conditions, as eating disorders, burnout, depressions and trauma can equally be treated.

Personalized treatment plans are designed taking into consideration the patient’s unique circumstances and ensuring both addiction (whether to substances or behavioral) and any other comorbidities.

The consequences of addiction are not only felt by the consumers themselves, but also by their loved ones. If the patients so wish, Clinic Les Alpes may include family members when creating treatment plans. Families may opt to either benefit of outpatient services or to participate in a brief residential program lasting for six days.

Clinic Les Alpes recognizes the need for proper aftercare, that helps sustained recovery, avoiding relapse. A detailed aftercare plan is elaborated by the medical and therapeutic teams, in conjunction with the patients and their loved ones.

Facts and Figures:

Clinic Les Alpes has 27 private and very comfortable bedrooms. All have glorious uninterrupted views across mountains, meadows, forests and the lake. The in-house restaurant serves organic and locally sourced dishes, created by the chef and dietician, taking into account the patient’s nutritional needs. The facility also houses a medical spa, fully equipped with a gym, a male and female sauna, steam bath and relaxation rooms. An infinity pool provides patients with spectacular views of Lake Geneva.

Patients can avail Clinic Les Alpes' pick up and drop off services, transporting them anywhere in Switzerland. Clients are free to use any of the publicly available facilities unless their treatment plan indicates otherwise. The average length of stay is 28 days, although this will vary based on the treatment plan prescribed.




  • Burnout

    Burnout prevention

  • Mood disorders


  • Eating disorders

    Binge drinking / Binge eating / Anorexia

  • Addiction

    • Addiction to substances

      Benzodiazepine / Prescribed medication / Nicotine addiction / Alcohol addiction / Drug addiction

    • Behavioural addiction

      Excessive risk taking / Cyber addiction / Social media / Kleptomania / Compulsive buying / Excessive appetite for work / Compulsive sexual behaviour / Gambling / Pornography addiction / Codependency

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